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Delivery Service

Delivery Locations


Additional rates may apply for properties that are difficult to access such as apartments or condominium buildings with under-sized elevators, or homes with difficult staircases, small door ways, hallways, or steep terrain.The customer will be asked to fill in a basic questionnaire prior to delivery with facts about the property. The customer is responsible to make sure that the questionnaire is filled out accurately.The customer is responsible to ensure that their home can accommodate the furniture and that access through doorways, hallways, and staircases is adequate.Please ensure that there is adequate parking or a designated loading area. Our truck requires a minimum of 50ft in length, and 12 ft in height.Please ensure where necessary that the elevator is booked for the scheduled delivery time.The delivery access and delivery area must be cleared of all items to provide safe and adequate access for our team.Roads, driveways, walkways, staircases, and all access points must be clear of snow and ice.Additional fees may apply if delivery staff is required to move, remove, or clear existing items, shovel snow, or sand/salt ice.Delivery personnel have the right to refuse delivery if they feel that there is a risk of personal injury, risk to our vehicle or equipment, damage to the product, or the possibility of damage to the customer’s residence.We are unable to mount TV’s, or connect or disconnect any electrical items. Please be sure that the delivery area is clean and clear prior to your delivery appointment.Failure to comply with the conditions listed above may result in an incomplete delivery at the customer’s expense.

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