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Picking the right size table Part 2

September 30, 2015 2 min read

How to pick a dining table Urban SettlerTable legs are also a consideration in figuring out what your best option is… In the case of a traditional rectangular style table with four legs you need to know the space between the legs to determine how many chairs will fit along each side. This can be determined by a physical measure or with this siple formula: (The length or width of the top) – (overhang of the top x 2 + leg size x 2)

For example: A 78”L x 40”W table with an overhang of 2” at the ends and 1” on the sides , and a leg size of 3 ½”, will have 31” space between the legs at each end, and 67” between the legs on each side. This table would seat 3 per side and one per end, up to 8 people quite comfortably. It is the perfect size for a family of 4 that may often have 2 -4 guests. With two 22” extension leaves it will seat up to 14 people!

Other options include a trestle or pedestal table that can both fit more chairs easily, because the legs are out of the way.

Of course, a table must also fit the room! A general rule for fitting a table to a room is to make sure that you have 30” minimum clearance between the table and obstructions such a walls or other pieces of furniture. If the room were closed on 3 sides then I recommend a minimum of 36” clearance between the walls and the edge of the table.

A couple of suggestions to make sure your table will fit the room would be either to measure and draw a floor plan of the room with the table, or simply to mark off on the floor with masking tape where the table would be. The shape of the room will play an important role in deciding on the dimensions and shape of the table.

Next you will be ready to choose from different styles of tables; four-legged, trestle, and pedestal. Cheers!

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