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December 21, 2023 2 min read


Whether it is the nicks and dents in the hand-me-down-furnishings, or the odds and ends that your family has collected over the years, it is these details in the home that create a unique and inviting space.  Uniqueness in home décor is especially relevant in this day and age, amidst a society that values individuality.  It is those special items collected over the years that stand the test of time, create a spotlight without a bulb, and make an empty space with a roof and walls into a home.

Current design trends have moved toward straight-lines and modern spaces.  If you like the modern look, it can be challenging to integrate your own design choices.  Not to worry, there are simple tips for you to make sure that the space you create reflects your unique style.

Although it may be counterintuitive, the secret to adding that personal touch to a design is not ‘everything has to match’!  In fact, mixing different styles together brings a room to life. The heart of a room is not found by complimenting the paint on the walls.  It is the personal things on display in your home that bring life to the décor.  Those items that you have collected over the years are interesting because of their rarity.  They represent the memories that have been created over time, by you and the people you care about.

You might have a special piece that followed you all the way from Nepal.  Maybe that random cat statue was the only thing that made you both laugh that day while at Macy’s.  Of course, as a designer, I love those little, tie everything together, absolutely-made-for-this-space pieces.  But I thrive on finding those crazy-weird items that I know my client will not only love, but potentially be one of the only people to understand.

It could be a chair, a rug, tilework, or that arguably ugly painting from your estranged Uncle.  I believe that not only every house should have an eclectic personal item, but every room. It starts conversations, invites originality, and might even make your guests remark, “holy crap what is that thing!?”.   So don’t be afraid to add those strange little knick-knacks or big outrageous pieces to your new design.  Not only will it make your space gorgeous, but recognizable, your own, and most importantly: home.


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