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Sheets & Pillowcases

Percale Woven Sheets For King,Queen, Double, Twin And In Multiple Colors

Percale Sheets: Percale sheets tend to be lighter in weight, cooler and more breathable. They tend to have that white-button-down-shirt kind of feel. Because of their cool-crispness and breathability, percale sheets are usually better suited to the warmer months when sleepers are trying to stay fresh and stave off those night sweats. 



 Sateen Woven Sheets For King,Queen, Double, Twin And In Multiple Colors

Sateen Sheets: Sateen sheets bear a smoother finish that gives them their signature sheen. They look and feel silky to the touch, and tend to have a lustrous drape that lies a bit heavier on your body. Instead of a cool-crispness, sateen sheets offer a slick, silky smoothness. A sateen weave does produce a thicker, less breathable sheet than a percale weave does, making sateen sheets well-suited to the cooler months. They aren’t quite as warm and cozy as flannel, but sateen sheets tend to be heavier and warmer than percale sheets. 

Flannel Sheets: The brushed surface of flannel sheets helps the sheets trap air and body heat, while still allowing your skin to breathe. Compared to fleece or other man-made fibers, flannel sheets will keep you warm, but they won't cause you to wake up overly hot and sweaty.

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