Our hand-rubbed finishes create the distinct look and feel of artisan wood work, while protecting your investment from the rigors of real-life use.

We proudly use superior professional wood finishing products, offering the best combination of durability and ease of maintenance, while adhering to some of the most stringent North American environmental regulations.

All of our custom dining tables, dining chairs, reclaimed T&G wall paneling, cabinetry, and custom furnishings are finished with products that have the highest ratings for protection of surfaces exposed to heat, excessive moisture, and household chemicals, while maintaining VOC and Haps Free compliancy.

“We wanted HAPS FREE and VOC compliant finishes for our environment. We have provided them for yours…”

Haps free: The U.S. Environmental protection agency maintains a list of chemicals that are deemed to be hazardous air pollutants, causing damage to our ozone layer or degrading our air quality during both the manufacturing process and in its application. Haps free means that the product contains no chemicals on the EPA’s hazardous air pollutants list.

VOC 550 compliant: VOC’s (volatile organic compounds) are present in many products including the MDF used in kitchen cabinets, carpeting, mattresses, and household paints. Off-gassing from these products releases VOC’s into the air that you breathe. VOC emissions can be harmful to children, people with asthma, allergies, or breathing ailments. In 2005, California was the first jurisdiction in North America to adopt stringent guide lines for VOC’s in furniture finishing products, with a maximum level of 550ppm (parts per million). We have chosen to use this standard for our own finishes.

Buying Canadian made product is an important step in ensuring that your furniture is made in accordance with North American standards for air quality environmental protection.