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Dining Tables - Product Knowledge

Our Tables are crafted by hand, one at a time, using both traditional and modern joinery techniques. We start by carefully selecting the planks that will form your tabletop, choosing the wood planks for symmetry, grain pattern, color, and character. The planks are cut to size and joined together to create a seamless surface according to your size requirements.

All our table base styles are built using mortise & tenon joinery for strength, and they are fastened to the tabletop using a clip track or expansion track in a way that allows the top to expand and contract, reducing the chance of warping or cracking.


MATERIALS :: We offer a variety of wood options including:


We use reclaimed fir floor joists to build our reclaimed wood tables. The joists are salvaged from old agricultural buildings, canneries, warehouses, and other abandoned industrial and commercial buildings throughout western Canada. The thicknesses of the planks range from 1 1/2”-3” thick, and vary in widths from 6-12” depending on the building from which they were reclaimed. The reclaimed fir has beautiful patina, with a rich color that only comes with age. The material we use is structural grade and very good for tabletops, and we make sure the wood is dry (below 10% moisture), which is very important when shipping to dry climates like Calgary Alberta.

The reclaimed wood tabletops are hand sanded to retain as much of the natural patina as possible. Small undulations in the surface, old nail hole, cracks, checks, and markings from wear and tear are all natural features of our beautiful reclaimed wood tabletops. We recommend reclaimed wood tables for those seeking the authenticity of reclaimed wood and naturally rustic surface.


Sugar Pine grows primarily in Northern California and Oregon. The trees grow to massive proportions, and yield planks of large dimensions. Our material is milled to specification at 2” x 12” x 16ft long! We have chosen this material for being one of the most sustainable woods available, and for its amazing stability (resistance to warping, cracking, and shrinking). Its large dimensions and stability make it a favorite material for template and pattern making, as well as musical instruments, and of course furniture!

The wide planks create a dramatic effect with our tabletops, with each top being made of only four or five planks.  The planks rough sawn, and the tabletops are hand sanded to retain the natural saw marks and undulations. We distress the tops to a light or medium level of distress. They are most suitable for clients wanting a rich, rustic looking top, without the cracks, checks, and nail holes found in reclaimed wood.


Western Maple grows primarily in British Columbia and Washington USA. We offer it in thicknesses of 1 ½” and 2” thick depending on the table style, and up to ten feet in length.

Western maple is a durable material, it is considered a “semi-hardwood”, and an economical choice where a harder wood and more formal look is desired. Maple looks beautiful with a natural clear coat, and is well suited to darker finishes like our Walnut, Charcoal, and Charcoal Brown We recommend our maple tables and table tops with a clean contemporary finish, or light distress.

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