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Cellular & Honeycomb Shades | Gallery

Cellular & Honeycomb shades can be used for a variety of reasons & applications:

  • Room darkening (they are one of the tightest fitting shades available).
  • Added R-Value (the baffle box construction is the most effective for insulating).
  • Privacy (Top-down function allows views while leaving the bottom section of the blind down provides privacy from the ground.
  • Classic look (The signature candlelight glow and hand-crafted feel of Honeycomb fabric brings world-class elegance to your home, office or retail environment.)


Below are some case studies show Cellular/Honeycomb shades in different applications.


Alpine Trails Home | Fernie BC

In this particular home, we chose Honeycomb shades for the classic look, privacy, & added insulation for these large windows which looked beyond the street level, to beautiful mountain views. The low profile head-rails fit tightly within the window jam, with minimal stacking height when the blinds are completely raised. 






Downtown | Fernie BC

Soft-blue top-down|bottom up blinds could be lowered to create privacy from the street while maintaining some mountain views and familiar roof a little shameless self promotion!


Vancouver | East Side

Semi-sheer fabrics allow daylight to filter in while blocking out the views from adjacent buildings.



Urban Calgary

Square outside mount valances add a modern touch to these sleek top down bottom up honeycomb shades.



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