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Roller Blinds & Window Shades

The Urban Settler offers the Kootenay's most complete in-house service for cellular blinds, roller shades, horizontal wood blinds, and designer shades. The Urban Settler has a professional team that understands how important an investment that you are making in your home. We are located in Fernie BC, and serve the Elk Valley, East Kootenays, Cranbrook, and Crowsnest Pass. We provide quality Canadian products with excellent service at competitive prices.


Below: A beautiful example of top-down | bottom-up window shades, which are perfect for providing privacy from the street while maintaining the views. This Montane home in Fernie BC has spectacular vistas of the Three Sisters.

Living room scene in Fernie BC showing top down bottom up window shades and views of the Three Sisters rocky mountains.


Different fabrics and styles are designed to do different jobs:

  • Sunscreen products protect your home while maintaining your views.
    • Light Filtering fabrics create privacy while still allowing light into your home.
    • Cellular blinds increase the R-value of your windows and make your home more comfortable on cold nights and hot days.
    • Black out window coverings maintain a dark room for both a restful sleep, and colour preservation from the sun.


     There are also different options for raising and lowering your blinds:

    • Top down & bottom up
    • Lift assist
    • Cordless
    • Remote motorization


    Depending on your home, and your preferences for style, function, and fabrics, we offer different styles of roller blinds and window shades.

     Cellular & Honeycomb Shades

    Cellular & Honeycomb Shades are available with different options and functions including:

    • Top Down | Bottom Up raising and lowering mechanisms.
    • Cordless & Motorized control.
    • Two-in-one headrail.

    They are also available in a variety of fabric styles; sheer, semi-sheer, & room darkening, as well as a selection of textures and colors. For more information and examples see our Cellular & Honeycomb Shades Gallery


    Sunscreen Roller Shades provide protection for your interior finishes and furnishings, reduce glare, and help keep the temperature of your home more comfortable during summer. They are available in different degrees of light filtration, cutting out between 90-99% of incoming light. During the day, you can still enjoy your views, and they can provide some daytime privacy. For more information see our Sunscreen Rollers Gallery.

    Room Darkening & Privacy Roller Blinds are designed to provide complete night time and daytime privacy. Room darkening roller blinds have a white laminated fabric to provide additional light blocking. Roller blinds are available with a variety of options:

    • Cordless & Motorization control.
    • Two-in-one headrail.
    • Shape & size of headrail or valance.
    • Fabric wrapped or metal finishes.

    There are hundreds of fabric options available. For more information and examples see our Roller Blind Gallery



    Revolve Roller Blinds are a modern alternative to traditional horizontal blinds. The fabric incorporates alternating  sheer & privacy panels. They can be completely raised, or left down to provide light filtration and daytime privacy. With a small movement of the controls the privacy panels line up in a  "closed" position providing complete privacy or room darkening.

    Revolve roller blinds are available with a variety of options:

    • Cord-loop or motorized remote control.
    • Two-in-one head rail.
    • Different head-rail options.
    • Semi sheer or room darkening.

    There are over one hundred fabric options. For more information and examples see our Revolve Roller Gallery.

    Horizontal Blindsare available in faux wood and real wood and are available with different control options:

    • Cordless.
    • Wand.
    • Motorized remote control.

    Choose from a selection of finishes in both faux & real wood. For more information and examples see our Horizontal Blinds Gallery.

    Panel Tracks are a modern alternative to traditional vertical blinds. The sliding panels are wide, and stack automatically as the blinds are pulled open. They are a great option for large sliding doors, floor to ceiling windows & french door combination, and nano-walls.

    They stack left, right, or on both sides, and are available in hundreds of fabrics. For more information and examples see our Panel Track Gallery.


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